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Know the risk.

Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Startups and small businesses are hard, and even the best founders fail.

Brace for the long term.

There is no secondary market, and it’s hard to price or re-sell your shares. Plan on a long term journey.

The outcomes are more binary.

Startups either win big or go bankrupt. You could lose all your money. Consider them more like socially-good lottery tickets.

Get behind the veil.

We want to build a strong community, and you're part of it. Gain access into the number of exciting projects in progress at Card Cosmos. 

There are more perks.

You help us, and we return the favor with investor perks like VIP access to new products, store credits, or discounts. It’s all part of the experience.

The money goes to the Cosmos business.

Your dollars will help create and grow our company, not line the pockets of Wall Street. That's often fulfilling.

Investing in our startup. You should know.

Opportunities coming soon.

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